P&O Cruises Arvia full foodie guide and sample menus! - Cruising with Alessia (2023)

CORRECTION: In my original version of this guide, I have mentioned that there will be 4 ‘stalls’ in the Quays on Arvia with Roast being the fourth one. However, today I am told by P&O that ‘Roast’ will replace the ‘Broadwalk Diner’ so still 3 ‘stalls’ in the Quays on Arvia. However, do note that 6th Street Diner is an all-new venue on Arvia and will be included in your fare so I think it makes sense removing Broadwalk Diner.

P and O Cruises Arvia is an exciting new cruise ship for P and O cruises (UK). It is the sister ship of the amazing P and O Iona (My review on Iona). It will feature 30 restaurants and bars including some of the P and O classics such as the Crow’s Nest, Sindhu, Brodies and the Epicurean but will feature some new bars and restaurants which I will cover in this guide.

Included restaurants in Arvia.

There are so many included dining venue’s on Arvia offering guest’s so much freedom and choice without having to spend extra, this is the most impressive inclusive dining offering on any cruise ship that I have seen, so let’s dive right in:

The Olive Grove

The extremely popular Olive Grove is back in Arvia and it is bigger and better. It will be in a bigger venue on deck 6 and will have a new menu. This is my favourite venue on Iona so I have high hopes for The Olive Grove. Unlike Iona, P and O cruises have told me that there are no planned supplements for any food items at the Olive Grove on Arvia. There will also be a special celebration night menu designed by P and O cruises food hero José Pizarro. Click here to view the Olive grove sample menu.

6th street diner

6th Street Diner is an all-new included venue on Arvia. It is an all-American diner serving breakfast, brunch, dinner and sweet treats, accompanied by great music and ice-cold cocktails. Dishes will
include –
• Pennsylvania Dutch Waffles with fried chicken and spicy maple syrup
• New York Strip Steak with grilled asparagus, crispy shallows, garlic butter and fries
• Red Velvet Whoopie Pie with cream cheese frosting

It really seems like a classic All-American diner and will be a very new addition to P&O cruises and I am excited to try this when I go on Arvia. This venue will also be located on deck 6 aft, next to the Olive Grove and one of the Freedom Restaurants. Click here to view the sample menu of 6th Street Diner.

Taste 360

Taste 360 is more of a ‘normal pool grill and pizzeria’, in addition to pizza, burgers and hot dogs, it will serve local ‘Street Food’ designed by local food hero José Pizarro when cruising in the Med and Shivi Ramoutar when cruising in the Caribbean. It is located in the SkyDome on deck 16 and usually opens at 11 am. After trying Taste 360 on Iona, I think it is an amazing twist to the traditional poolside girl and pizzeria. Click here to view the sample menu for Taste 360 including some of the local Caribbean Street food served there.


Horizon is the buffet-style restaurant found on Arvia, it seems to have a very similar design to the one on Iona and it will be open for breakfast, lunch, Afternoon tea/ Children’s tea, dinner and late-night snacks. It will serve hot and cold food and will have plenty of choices. Please be prepared for some amazing views as it has lots of panoramic windows. P&O usually has lots of vegetarian and vegan options and they are clearly labelled. You can see a selection of what will be offered in the buffet here.

Freedom dining

Ariva will have two Freedom Dining restaurants, these are Meridian and Zenith. I expect them to be quite bright as there will be lots of panoramic windows so no eating in the dark. They are going to be quite large but more open than a traditional ship dining room. They will be offering the standard P&O freedom/club restaurants menu, and also a special 5-course menu designed by Marco Pierre White on Celebration nights. They will serve Breakfast, Lunch and Diner. You can see the sample diner menu’s here. I like that Arvia is an all Freedom dining ship which means that there is no restriction on dining time and you can be as flexible as you want which is also extremely handy to families.

The quays

Something that I loved on Iona is The Quays and this will be coming back to Arvia . The Quays is a ‘street market’ style venue where you have a selection of 3 ‘stalls’ to choose from on Arvia, all cooked to order. They also serve an amazing breakfast. The 3 stalls will be

  1. Hook, line, and Vinegar (Serving the traditional fish and chips, the best at sea in my opinion )

2. Fusion (Serving curries, rice, and other Asian dishes)

3. NEW TO ARVIA: Roast (Arvia’s onboard carvery serving Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wraps, Mock vegan lamb and much more!

Click here to see The Quays sample menu.

The chef’s table

On Celebration Nights, The Chef’s Table celebrates British and regional cuisines with a unique menu created by Food Hero Marco Pierre White, with wine selected by Food Hero Olly Smith. It is located on deck 16 in an area of the buffet. Click here to see The Chef’s Table sample menu.

Extra-cost restaurants on Arvia

There is a range of extremely good value extra-cost restaurants in Arvia to suit everyone’s tastes. The charges are usually much cheaper than what you find for a similar quality restaurant on land.


This is my favourite restaurant on P&O cruises, serving fine modern food with extremely good service which will WOW you!! I really think that for £28PP (Subject to change), it gives you really good value as the dinner at land will cost at least £80PP for the same high standards that you get at the Epicurean. I really recommend booking it when docked at port as you can get some scenic views as The Epicurean is located on deck 17. You can read more about my experience at the Epicurean here. Click here to see the Epicurean sample menu on Arvia.

P&O Cruises Arvia full foodie guide and sample menus! - Cruising with Alessia (1)

Sindhu is P&O cruise’s signature dining venue offering authentic Indian dishes with a British twist. Dishes are priced individually and usually from prior experience, a main course can range from £9-£15 so still outstanding value as the portion sizes are good. I had a really good experience on Azura and I am very excited to try it on Arvia! Click here to see Sindhu sample menu on Arvia.

P&O Cruises Arvia full foodie guide and sample menus! - Cruising with Alessia (2)
P&O Cruises Arvia full foodie guide and sample menus! - Cruising with Alessia (3)
P&O Cruises Arvia full foodie guide and sample menus! - Cruising with Alessia (4)

The Keel and Cow is an Excel Class-exclusive venue which means it is only on Iona and Arvia. I have never tried it on Iona but I will try it when I am on Iona in February. The Keel and Cow is a gastropub serving steaks, British classics and its signature burger, the Prime Minister with so many toppings such as IOW Blue Cheese which shows that they are really using local ingredients, not only from the UK but local to their home port of Southampton! Click here to see Keel and Cows sample menu on Arvia.


The Glass House is a signature P&O Cruises venue found on most P&O Cruises ships. You will be able to try tapas created by acclaimed chef and P&O Cruises food hero José Pizarro, paired with wines selected by Food Hero Olly Smith. Dishes will include José Pizarro Tapas with grilled whole tiger prawns, mango, chilli and garlic salsa; lamb cutlets, crushed potatoes, olives, dried cherry tomatoes and Romesco sauce; and tuna tartare with avocado, tomato and chilli dressing. Click here to see The Glass House sample menu on Arvia.

FUN FACT: The Glass House is the first speciality venue that I have tried on a cruise ship!

The beach house

The beach house is a Latin American, Mexican and Caribbean dining venue. Located in a section of the Horizon buffet in the evening, it will have authentic food with an excellent view of the sunset. The Beach House menu offers hearty dishes and comfort-food favourites. Highlights include the steaks, beer can chicken, sizzler plates, hanging kebabs and a range of sharing dishes. Save space for delicious desserts too. The cover charge is £7.50 and some dishes are a little extra. Click here to see the Beech House sample menu.

Green & Co feat. Mizuhana

Green & Co featuring Mizuhana is something that I am extremely excited to try on Arvia. It is an all-new dining venue and will be available on Arvia at the time of writing. It will feature plant-based, fish-based and also a Sushi bar. Examples of these unique dishes include:

  • Chocolate Earth Plate
  • Moriawase Platters Nigiri
  • Chakalaka Wellington

Once again, this is something that P&O have never done and I am excited to try this very unique and adventurous dining venue. Main dishes start from £5.50 which is extremely good value in my opinion! Click here to see Green & Co featuring Mizuhana sample menu.

The Limelight Club

An exclusively for adult venue onboard Arvia where you get a show from world celebrities and a three-course dinner at the same time. You will need to pre-book this in advance on my P&O cruises. The cover charge is between £25-£39 per person. Click here to see The Limelight Club sample menu!


Vistas is a cafe bar located in the stunning atrium where you could grab a cake and a coffee and see an amazing sail in/away go by or just see the crystal blue waters as you travel across the globe. Cakes are from £1.50 but are extremely high quality. Vistas also serve one of the nation’s favourite coffee, Costa coffee!! Click here to see Vistas sample menu.


Ripples is the luxury gelateria onboard Arvia and it really will give that traditional Italian gelateria feel, It will also serve a special Caribbean-inspired sundae. It costs a bit extra but in my opinion, it will be worth it. It also serves a special ice cream afternoon tea for a bit extra. Click here to see Ripples sample menu.

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